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I have enjoyed a long, satisfying and successful sporting career ranging from light indoor cross training to seriously demanding physical sports and challenges. Thanks to early and deliberate fitness condition and health management focus, I still to this day maintain an above average (of my age) active and competitive standard.  In more recent years however there have been some challenges, more later.


Over the years I have used multiple supplementary products available on the retail market and found as all of us do, that there are no miracle result products. In fact while a certain gain in terms of muscle tone may have been achieved, more often than not, the excess percentages of carbohydrates I found to challenge the efforts to control body fat percentage. With all this in mind I chose not to continue with supplements.


Now at the age of 60, due the accumulation of past sport injuries and two major cycling injuries in the past decade, until 8 months back, much to the amusement of my close friends ( When I tell this story )  ,  I used to get out of bed like a creaking door!  Muscle and joint stiffness was my daily alarm and had accepted that this was the price of a solid sporting past.


When GEVA was offered to me, it was in fact not done with any of the above details or body damage symptoms in mind at all!    I am not one who  “ Lives to eat – I only eat to live  “  and in this regard have the negative tendency to not eat regularly per day.  With the high nutritional, natural content, the simple preparation and input requirements that GEVA offers, the product did get my attention.


I have been using  GEVA  as a primary nutritional supplement for five months now but in accordance with a more disciplined approach to daily food source. I ingest three formulas per day with focus on having a solid meal by midday every day and am well content by bed time each night.


As the weeks progressed after commencing the intake I noticed some subtle benefits – remember I don’t buy miracle results!


  • Ease of sleep has always hounded me and weary mornings such a drag – this pattern changed, I drop off far earlier and am well rested most days when I wake up.
  • More important, I noticed that the creaking door had stopped! The nutritional value has had an impact on joint and tissue recovery and I have far less discomfort.
  • Weight loss! Never been a problem but as aging metabolism changes as it does for all, body fat levels change. The controlled intake by GEVA limits the common high calorie absorption from daily, poor eating AND snacking and slimming happens without effort.
  • Immune consistency – the common effects of flu etc are almost non-existent.
  • I am still very active in keeping fit and cycle competitively – similar to the creaking door syndrome, injuries that have limited indoor body condition training and the demanding output that high intensity, endurance cycling creates, fatigue, pain, spasm and cramp is greatly reduced by the natural properties of this regular nutritional intake. My performance strength has more endurance and best of all my body and muscle recovery turnaround is far more efficient allowing me to engage at better levels more often.
  • BEST of ALL and according to others, not my opinion!  A far healthier, younger appearance against age!


At an affordable monthly cost, GEVA is the most beneficial, all round product I have now used and will continue to do so given the true and published value of the content.

Kevin Mac Millan

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