Success Story – Chris Hamilton

Chris Hamilton Success 2 small

I have been using Geva for the last 3 months and have found since using it that I have more energy, I have lost weight, I am not craving junk food and feeling a lot healthier.

It is very simple to use and in my opinion a pure food. I used to take other supplements which I do not need to do any longer as with Geva I am getting all the nutrients that I need.

Another major factor for me is cost, as I am finding that I am buying far less food as the Geva shake is replacing meals as well as the usual “between meal snacks”.

I was sceptical at first as I had tried other shakes in the past which all had their down sides and in some cases damaging to my overall health, the opposite is true with Geva, there are no adverse results and I am recommending it to all my family and friends. I work long hours under stressful conditions and Geva is just what I need to keep my energy levels and awareness at full power.

Chris Hamilton

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